Kumkum bhagya episode 2 2014


The episode starts with Bulbul waking up in the morning. Purab comes and tells her that he got the mechanic who repaired his car. Bulbul hugs him and says sorry. She says I love you very much and asks him to understand her situation.

Purab assures her that everything will be fine. Bulbul cries. He looks at Pragya and pushes the vase on the ground intentionally. Pragya gets shocked. Abhi asks her, can you repair it. Purvi comes and tells them that Sarla got consciousness. Abhi says, it is good. Pragya goes to see Sarla. Click here to read the spoiler of your fav shows from Top 15 list. Mitali gets her kids ready to go to school. They say they are bored of parathas and wants to eat pastries and cold drinks.

Mitali gives them money and asks them to have food of their choice. Raj asks why you are spoiling them. Mitali asks her kids to go. They leaves. Raj asks, why did you gave them money? Mitali says they are our kids. Raj says, they will get spoiled. Mitali laughs and asks him to give her Rs. Mitali says, I have to go to parlour and asks him to get money for her.

Aaliya and Tanu walk out from the hospital angrily. Tanu tells her that Pragya is very smart and cunning and changed her defeat into victory. Aaliya says, I knows how much Bhai hates her. I have seen hatred in his eyes. Our plans are failing badly. We have to think something big. Pragya comes to Sarla. Sarla is relieved to see her.The "Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows" widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.

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Check out the movies and shows we're excited about this month, including " Star Trek: Discovery " and After We Collided. See the full list. See what's trending now. The story is about Pragya Arora, a humble teacher, and a rock star Abhishek Mehra. Sarla Arora runs a marriage hall and lives with the hope of seeing her two daughters happily married. Pragya, the elder daughter, is practical, hardworking and teaches at a college.

Bulbul, the younger daughter, is outgoing and has her head in the clouds. The show follows the lives of the two sisters and their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Omg this show is getting boring everyday abhi and pragya never meet each other. There is no twist everyday they repeating same thing fight fight. You can't see loveno reunion nothing. This show is getting down. Please make this show more interesting. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show.

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kumkum bhagya episode 2 2014

Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords.The episode starts with inebriated Abhi pinning Pragya against wall and asking whose house is it. Aaliya asks him to go away and says she will switch of lights.

Abhi imagines her as Tanu and tries to kiss her. Pragya pushes him. He realizes she is chashmish and says she looks like a horror film heroine. He removes her glasses and says lets see how she looks without glasses. He wears her glasses and says she must be confused wearing it and thinking of Abhi, Purab, money. He says let us see how the world looks from her window.

He sees Suresh watching them from window and says he is the same person whose sister had an affair with Akash, why is he peeping like this, hope she closes windows while changing, else boys will say shame shame puppy shame. He says why is she still staring here and asks howmany friends she has in this area. He starts removing his clothes. Pragya says he cannot do this in her home.

Abhi lifts his vest and shows it to Suresh, who gets shy and closes his window.

Pragya calls off her wedding with Tarun - Kumkum Bhagya

He falls on bed and says her daadi is rockstar and falls asleep. Rachna sees Suresh watching out from window and says she knows what is he looking at and says Pragya got a better guy than you, why did he want to marry Pragya as a sympanthy and insists who was that girl for whom he rejected Pragya.

Suresh asks her to go and sleep and sleeps on his bed while she continues to insist. Sarla asks if he is having hangover and what he needs. Daadi suggests her to give lemon water. Abhi requests to give him coffee. Pragya reminisces Daadi preparing coffee for him.

Sarla scolds daadi for giving alcohol to Abhi. Abhi asks Sarla not to scold Daadi as she is his favourite now and says Daadi he will send scotch once he reaches home. Bulbul jokes daadi will start her wierd jokes drinking whiskey.

Женская доля

Abhi asks her not to joke with daadi. Pragya brings him cofee. He drinks and thinks daadi has come and goes in search of her. Sarla thinks he is still inebriated. She says Pragya made this coffee.She welcomes Tarun, Pragya's groom, and his family.

Further, Pushpa, Tarun's mother, learns that Bulbul and Pragya are sisters. She asks Sarla to give away Kumkum Bhagya, her wedding hall, as dowry to compensate for Pragya's average looks. Sarla agrees to Pushpa's condition. Later, Pragya learns from Bulbul, her sister, that Pushpa wants their wedding hall as dowry.

She calls off her wedding and informs the guests regarding the same. Cast: Aliya Mehra Shikha Singh. Abhishek Mehra Shabir Ahluwalia.

Pragya Abhishek Mehra Sriti Jha. Creators: Director Sameer Kulkarni. E02 16 Apr. E03 17 Apr. E04 18 Apr. E05 21 Apr. E06 22 Apr. E07 23 Apr. E08 24 Apr. E09 25 Apr. E10 28 Apr. E11 29 Apr. E12 30 Apr. E13 1 May. E14 2 May. Rachna learns about her pregnancy - Kumkum Bhagya E15 5 May E15 5 May. E16 6 May. Rachna tries to commit suicide - Kumkum Bhagya E17 7 May E17 7 May. E18 8 May. E19 9 May. E20 12 May. E21 13 May. E22 14 May. E23 15 May. Suresh's family decides to leave the city - Kumkum Bhagya E24 16 May E24 16 May.

E25 19 May.

Kumkum Bhagya - Hindi - Pragya stop Tanu's attempt to marry Abhi - Zee TV - Webisode 556

E26 20 May. Up Next.Bulbul leaves both of then alone to speak to each other. She also told him that as bulbul is the youngest she has always been protected and now that she chose the best guy for herself she is ready to get them married. She insulted Bulbul by giving her cash for the damage and angrily marched inside the office. She fumed and went out promising to remove Pragya from his life. Alia almost ran down Bulbul in the process.

She also asked him to forget her and once again be with her. But Purav very clearly announced that he can never forget the girl he loves and he will die if he cannot see her everyday.

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Forget password? Remember me. Sign in Recover your password. A password will be e-mailed to you. Kumkum Bhagya. By H Hasan On Jun 3, H Hasan posts 81 comments. Page 1 of 1. Sign in. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers. Welcome, Login to your account.Whole family gets worried seeing her and asks what happened. Bulbul worriedly wakes up and it is her dream. She goes out of room and checks if Pragya has really come back and realizes it was her dream.

Purab calls her and says he wants to meet her right now. She hurriedly tries to walk out of room. Daadi asks where is she going as she is still having fever. Abhi touches Praygya lustly and asks if she does not feel anything if he touches her.

She thinks she can let him touch and take this memory with her when she leaves. Abhi tries to French kiss her and she closes her eyes and opens her lips. He backs off and says he just wanted to see if she has feeling for him. He says he can understand her condition and now he allows her to divorce him now.

Pragya reminisces his touch and thinks she can feel only his touch and she wanted to tell him once how much she loves him before parting ways. Click here for Top Spoilers — More shows added — Posted today. Two ladies come in search of Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall and asks a person address. Sarla asks how can a girl adjust with 7 MILs. Ladies says she will find answer if she watches Satrangi Sasural from 3rd December at 10 p. Sarla says she will definitely watch it.

Tanu and Aaliya start partying, get inebriated and dance thinking Pragya will be finally gone out of house. Abhi comes there and asks what are they doing. Tanu says they are partying as Pragya will get out of their house soon. Aaliya tries to change words. Tanu says she showed Pragya her video. Abhi asks what. Aaliya changes words again and asks him to forget everything and start partying with them.

He joins them. Purab informs Bulbul that Abhi went to lawyer and asked to prepare divorce papers. She gets devastated hearing that. He asks her to control herself. She says did has started loving jiju and she cannot live without him. He is surprised to hear that. She says when Sarla got heart attacked, Abhi took care of her like a son and Pragya fell for his good qualities.

kumkum bhagya episode 2 2014

She says we know how it is to separate form loved ones. Abhi comes back to his room inebriated and says Pragya that he will not touch her as he is happy that she is going away from him. He sees a shadow and starts following it. She asks what is he doing.

He says he is catching shadow and falls on floor. She asks if he is fine and not injured.Abhi acts of being drunken in front of Pragya. Pragya decides to ignore him, but he catches her. He asks her to go somewhere with him, but she says no. He screams, mummyji. Pragya stops him and goes along. He adds chili powder on sweets and asks her to eat. She says no, but he again threatens her with mummyji name.

He tells her she likes to give him orders, right? Now she will know whose order works here. She eats it and wants water. He drinks it and says fresh. Abhi sees her and understands her intentions. Pragya hides behind Daadi. He wishes her the best and hopes she beats him this time.

Pragya stares at him. He asks everyone to applaud for her. Tanu gets irritated with another dance of Abhi and Pragya. Aliya asks her to chill, Abhi must have some plan. Daadi and other ladies encourage Pragya to beat Abhi. Daadi tells her not to leave his hand no matter what. Daadi says, live together, fall together, and get up together.

Episode List

Pragya joins Abhi. He takes her hand and takes her on the stage. Both continue dancing, get close, and Tanu gets jealous. Abhi turns her around and this time both of them fall on the ground. Daadi laughs. Abhi and Pragya have eyelock. Allah Waariyaan plays… Everyone claps for them.

Mamaji is complaining about food to Sarla. Sarla tells him to handle it himself. Pragya comes to her family.

kumkum bhagya episode 2 2014

Her cousin praises her dance skills. She sees Abhi drinking in anger and gets worried. Daadi calls Sarla, all go there. She beat him, she made him fall in front of everyone, she insulted him. Now watch what he does with her family. Everyone is shocked. He gets angry when he sees her face. He loves Tanu only. Sarla tells him if this is a joke, then this is very bad.

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