Greek mythology names for boys


Parents search the databases of best selected names for their kids when it comes to choosing an interesting and well-liked name. Many people nowadays get inspiration from folklore and legends from the ancient times especially Greek mythology when they are given the task of selecting a name for someone.

Greek mythology names for boys are mystical, romantic, and exciting — all at the same time. These qualities make the names quite trendy and modish. Here we have compiled a list of top names in the category of Greek mythology for boys. Castor — This is a popular name in the list of Greek mythology names for boys. The character in mythology was the twin brother of Pollux and the son of Leda.

The name Castor is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and many other countries. Castor oil and castor sugar are the two widely used terms in the kitchen. American folk singer, Bob Dylan is quite popular the world over.

It is believed that this name was borrowed from the Welsh but some people believe this name has its roots in Greek mythology. Either way, the name is getting popular with the passage of time. Dylan Bruno is a famous American actor.

Dylan sounds quite bossy and for some people it is an arrogant name. However, it is popular and meaningful. Griffin — Again this name has been believed to be borrowed from the Welsh; however, it was the name of a monster in Greek mythology that was a half eagle and a half lion.

The name is also sometimes written as Griffith. Jason — Everybody is familiar with this interesting and cute name from Greek mythology names for boys. There are a number of famous personalities whose first name is Jason, such as Jason Bateman actorJason Mraz singerand Jason Biggs actor. The name Jason is mostly popular in the United States and Ireland.

Paris — Remember the epic of Helen of Troy? Then you must be familiar with the name Paris, who was the Trojan prince who was in love with Helen and this affair was the cause behind the Trojan War. Paris is, in fact, a unisex name as in Paris Hilton.

100 Wonderful Baby Names Inspired By Greek Mythology

If you are in need of a unisex name that also holds a story in itself, then choose this lovely name for your boy. Robin — Robin Hood from English folklore, Robin Williams from the movies, and Robin Roberts from American Baseball — all have made this name quite popular and well-liked from Greek mythology names for boys. Again, this name is used both for boys and girls but is more commonly kept for boys instead of girls. Robin is also the name of a bird and therefore this name is ancient as well as contemporary.

Tristan — If you admire unisex names, Tristan can be another choice for you. However, the name is quite well-sounding and appealing. Found very rarely in literature and movies, this name can make a unique name for your boy. Zeus — Finally, how can we forget Zeus, the king of the gods, when discussing Greek mythology names for boys?

If you want to keep a name purely from Greek mythology for your boy, then choose this name. It is not only unique but also sounds very cute. They are exciting, appealing, and quite meaningful as well.

50 Best Greek Mythology Baby Names for Girls & Boys

The history and folklore attached to them is ever so interesting making the names even more attractive.Greek mythology has always been a source of inspiration, so why not consider one of these legendary names for your baby?

Learn a little about a few select mythological names here, and then play around with our Baby Name Generator where you can search even more Greek mythology-inspired baby names by gender or first letter.

Have you found the perfect name for your little hero? If not, check out these top names for boys and for girls to see if you can discover the perfect one. Once you've decided on a name you love, consult our guide to sharing your baby's name for a few quick tips before revealing your choice to family and friends.

Skip to home Skip to main content Skip to search. In fact, Damon risked his life for his friend Pythias, and their relationship has become a symbol of trust and loyalty. Hector : This Trojan prince is thought to be one of the greatest warriors for the legendary city of Troy during the Trojan War.

Zeus: This is one of the most popular baby boy names inspired by Greek mythology. In the mythology, Zeus was the god of thunder and the sky, and he was the highest of the gods and ruled over humankind.

greek mythology names for boys

Hermes: You might recognise this word as the fashion label, but Hermes was the Greek god of trade and travel, and the name is associated with speed and good luck.

Paris married Helen of Troy, leading to the Trojan War. He ended up defeating Achilles. Apollo : The Greek god of music, art, prophesy, medicine, knowledge, law, beauty and wisdom, as well as that of sun and light. Ajax: A hero who fought for the Greeks in the Trojan War. This is a good, solid baby boy name. One Argus in Greek mythology is said to have had a hundred eyes and was therefore all-seeing. In Greek mythology, Linus was the son of Apollo. He was a handsome young man and thought to be one of the great musicians of his time.

Some say he was the inventor of the instrument the stringed lyre. Helios: If you want your son to shine bright and warm, why not pick Helios? Helios was the young Greek god who rode across the sky in a chariot.This absolutely applies to the way they choose names for their kids. In their quest to live life as freely and as quirkily as possible, they definitely tend to shy away from baby names that are commonly heard in classrooms across the country. Instead, they often feel the need to pick names that are just as cool and unique as their kids are.

Much like their girlier counterpartsbohemian baby boy names are just as cool and unique as they are plentiful. Admittedly, this list of 50 bohemian baby boy names is a little all over the place.

But it's definitely an organized chaos. From names that come from Greek mythology to those that have Old English roots, these baby names differ when it comes to meanings, origins, and even popularity. But their amazing bohemian nature is what draws them all together to create the perfect list of boy names for cool bohemian parents to choose from. Let's face it: Is there anyone out there who wouldn't want to be named after Keanu Reeves, even though baby boy won't have any idea who that man is for years?

The name comes from Hawaiian and means "cool breeze over the mountains. While Grover does happen to be the name of the blue muppet from Sesame Streetit's also a strong name many men have carried in the past. Does Grover Cleveland ring a bell? Maybe he'll even grow up to be president.

110 Greek Boy Names We Will Never Forget

Journey as a name pretty much says it all -- regardless of whether or not Mom and Dad are a fan of the band with the same name. It pretty much sets baby boy up for a lifetime of adventure Maybe he'll end up being a travel buff. Not only is his name a very memorable one, but it's also unique -- and we'd be surprised if he didn't turn out to be a pretty fast runner with a name like that.

We will probably never hear the name Idris without immediately thinking of Idris Elba, the legendary actor Idris isn't overly popular, either, which makes it a great, unique choice. To some, a name like Cornelius might sound a bit too uptight, but for those looking for a name that has a bit of a bohemian flair, it could be the perfect choice.

Cornelius is a Biblical name that comes from Latin, representing the first Gentile to be converted by Peter. Nile comes from Greek and means "champion," and isn't that what we're all hoping for our little boys? It comes from Irish, so it might be a great way to pay tribute to heritage if that applies to the family.

It's not too likely that he'll run into a lot of other Arlos out there, either. This name has old fashioned roots, but it's definitely still popular in some circles -- but still very original, if Mom and Dad are hoping to end up with a name for their baby boy that's different from the other kids in their class.Greek mythology is a body of stories concerning heroes, Gods, and the rituals of the ancient Greeks and forms a part of the religion in ancient Greece.

These stories have had an extensive influence on the arts and literature of the Western civilization. The pantheon of Greek deities, heroes, Gods and other figures will give you plenty of inspiration as you look for some names for your baby.

MomJunction brings you Greek mythology names best suited for our modern times, with their meanings. Read on to find the names of Greek Gods, Goddesses, humans, and heroes. Apollo was the God of music, arts, prophesy, knowledge and enlightenment in Greek mythology. He was the son of Leto and Zeus. Ares was the bloodthirsty Greek God of war. He was a moody and unreliable God. This is one of the another strong Greek mythology boy names. Castor was the twin brother of Pollux in the Greek mythology.

It is said that when he died, his twin brother Pollux appealed to Zeus to let them remain together. They were then transformed into the constellation. Damon is a God from the Greek mythology, who symbolized trust and loyalty in friendship. He risked his life to stand for his friend. Dionysus was the God of wine, festivals and party. This name did not appear in the most popular baby name list, since the past ten yearsso it will probably make a unique name for your child.

greek mythology names for boys

He was the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba. Jason was a Greek hero famous for his role as the leader of the Argonauts. It is a common name in America. Paris was famous for for marrying Helen of Troy, which led to the Trojan War. Perseus was a demi-God in the Greek mythology who rescued Andromeda from a sea-monster. He also defeated Medusa. Zeus is one of the most popular Greek mythology baby boy names. He was the God of thunder and the sky. Proteus was the name of a prophetic God of the sea in Greek mythology.

Adonis was a young shepherd who was killed while hunting a wild boar in the Greek mythology. Adrastos was the name of the king of Argos in the Greek legend. Agamemnon was the brother of Menelaus, who led the Greek expedition to Troy to recover Helen. Achilles was the name of a warrior in Greek legend. Argus was the man who built the Argo and a man with a hundred eyes. Bacchus was the other name of the Greek God Dionysus.

He was fondly called Bacchus by the Romans. Brontes was the name of the one of the three Cyclopes. In the Greek legend, Cephalus was a faithful husband who remained loyal to his wife even after being pursued by the Goddess Eos.

greek mythology names for boys

Cepheus was the king of Ethiopia and the husband of Cassiopeia in the Greek legend. After his death, he was turned into a constellation into a constellation and placed in the sky.

Cerberus was the name of the three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades in the Greek mythology.Greek boy names are one of the coolest names on the planet, coupled with the fact that Greece is most famous for its ancient history and mythology.

For years, Greek names have found its way to main stream media such as Hollywood which has seen the use of such names in movies as well as comic books.

Wonder woman, happens to be a character inspired by Greek mythology as well, thus proving just how exciting Greek names are. However, though there are so many wonderful Greek names out there, we would be concentrating more on Greek boy names in this article. Therefore, here are Greek boy names we will never forget. Not to be confused with Cronus, the Titan father of Zeus. Represented the physical, violent and untamed aspect of war.

Zephyrus : A wind god Anemoi. He was the son of Aphrodite. Eurus : One of the wind god known as Anemoi and god of the unlucky east wind.

50 Greek names for baby boy - the best baby names -

Son of Apollo. Boreas : A wind god Anemoi and Greek god of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter. Zeus transformed them into the constellation Gemini. Created weapons for the gods and married to Aphrodite. Zelus : The god of dedication, emulation, eager rivalry, envy, jealousy, and zeal. Chartcons — Communications, Inspiration, Relationship and Entrepreneurship. What Does P. S Mean?Lifecake uses cookies on this website to make your browsing experience better.

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Mythology Boy Names

By continuing, I accept the Terms and have read and understood the Privacy Policy. Whichever is your preference, a name inspired by a Greek God is a masculine choice for your new baby boy. Read on for more inspiration and the backgrounds to 13 Greek God baby names.

Greek mythology encompasses the many stories told by the ancient Greeks concerning subjects such as the origin of the world and reasoning behind universal matters like the sky and weather. Originally the myths would have been passed on through song as early as the 18th Century BC, and later through poetry and art. The legendary stories of Greek Gods are almighty and powerful, so if you want your little boy to have a strong and masculine name, choosing one of these names may be right for you.

If you have Greek ancestry, or if you have enjoyed holidaying in Greece and the country holds a special place in your heart, names inspired by a Greek God could be a fitting tribute. Read on for the backgrounds behind our top 13 names inspired by Greek Gods, to help you choose a name fit for your little wonder. Most popular in Spanish-speaking countries in Europe and South America, Hector is a wise sounding choice for your little boy.

A seriously cool name, and a seriously talented Greek God, Apollo is said to have been the God of music, arts, light, prophecy, medicine, knowledge, law and wisdom. It has gained popularity since, but still only sits inside the top baby names in the US so is a relatively uncommon choice.

Evander set off from Greece to establish a new civilisation which he called Pallantion on the banks of the river Tiber, which we now know as Rome, Italy. Evander instilled certain ancient Greek traditions into this new community, including the Greek alphabet, forming a safe and educated civilisation.

We think Evander is a cool, hipster-sounding name, and it is steadily gaining popularity, although only just entered into the top baby names in One of the twelve Olympians and son of Zeus, Ares was the Greek God of war, so if you want your son to grow up to be brave and strong, this could be a great name for him.

Increasing in popularity over the last decade, Ares is now inside the top baby names in the US. In Greek mythology, Jason was a hero. The son of Aeson, King of Iolcos, Jason was also the leader of the Argonauts — a band of heroes who helped him in his quest to find the Golden Fleece.

A name appearing in the top 10 baby names in most Western countries at the moment, most people might not associate Greek mythology with the name Jason. A more uncommon name, but a famous hero in Greek mythology, Perseus was a son of Zeus and a Greek hero who defeated the infamous Medusa — the snake-haired monster who turned all those who looked upon her to stone. A short and sweet name, Pan was one of the oldest Greek gods who controlled the wilds, shepherds and flocks, and was a faun type creature with the legs and horns of a goat, and the upper body of a man.

He was associated with forests and woodlands, so if you live in a wild landscape, or enjoy the great outdoors in your free time, this could be a cheeky name for a mischievous little boy. In Greek mythology, Linus was one of the sons of God, Apollo. A great name choice, therefore, for a musical family!Baby names can come from many cultures, stories, and situations. If you are a fan of the Greek stories concerning gods and goddesses, you can choose from these 50 best Greek mythology baby names for both baby boys and girls.

These names define the present times in terms of characterization of people and making reference to events. Besides being some of the most interestingly-sounding names around, Greek names have interesting stories behind them.

Most of the names are associated with a certain quality rather than the simple sound of it. These names not only sound nice for your baby but they also give them a unique character. Chances are also high that only your child will have that name around. The female Greek mythology baby names that really stand out from the crowd and their meanings include:.

Rhea is one of the most powerful female names in Greek mythology. Is stands for fertility and motherhood since Rhea was the mother of Zeus and one of the Greek titans.

Zeus would go on to be the leader among the gods. The name Penelope is used as a symbol of faithfulness. She was the wife of Odysseus and she remained faithful to him even with a lot of temptations on her end. Helen is a name that stands for beauty as she was the beautiful daughter of the gods Zeus and Leda. The myths describe her as the most beautiful woman in the world. The name Gaia stands for power and nature. Gaia created the universe and everything in it and was thus considered the goddess of the earth and all the primordial deities.

Clio was the muse of history in Greek. As the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, she has been widely described by the myths as a symbol of historical prowess. Perhaps the one name that inspires a lot of girls in Greek mythology is Athena.

It symbolizes justice, wisdom, law and courage. On its own, the name relates to Athens which was the city of the gods dedicated to the goddess Athena. Besides the name Cassandra being beautiful on its own, it was the name of the daughter of the king and queen of Troy.

Her beauty was so captivating that the god Apollo gave her the gift of prophesying. As the female version of Adrastos and the name also used by the Greek Goddess Nemesis, she stands for courage and wit as she stood her own in times of difficulty and against the odds.

The name was also used as a moniker for the goddess Hera. Atlanta stands for a unique combination of beauty and strength. In Greek mythology, Atlanta was a very beautiful girl whose beauty was only rivaled by her fast pace in races. If any young men wanted to marry her, she would challenge them to a race and promised to only marry the one who would beat her. Hippomania was the only one who tricked her and defeated her in the race.

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